Bionic Transducer

Make new connections between Bionic 880 - your patients

 - homeopathic information / test nosodes - energetic testing

Modulating oscillation of information via treatment head of Bionic 880 and blockade release

The BIONIC TRANSDUCER is another element in our concept to allow our customers a simplified and effective method of treatment for various diseases.

You can connect a honeycomb unit with the BIONIC TRANSDUCER and fill in the corresponding test nosode. Via treatment head of the Bionic 880 the information of the nosode is oscillated into the organism together with the photons. By this modulating oscillation of correspondent information via Bionic 880 treatment head the effect is more specific and more intense.

Using this method for oscillating the information by means of honeycomb unit and treatment head you need not apply test kits, i.e. test nosodes for each single patient. With Lyme disease, for example, you can treat Borreliosis and co-infections simultaneously. This shortens the course of therapy.

Therapists who test their patients energetically can therefore join a tensor to the BIONIC TRANSDUCER.

The BIONIC TRANSDUCER saves you from constantly spending on test kits and individual nosodes to oscillate. Similarly, taping the nosodes onto the body of the patients is omitted. Independently from the actual treatment you can apply a 15-minute offline psychological blockade releasing treatment with the BIONIC TRANSDUCER before you start (Test Kit B2), even while another patient is treated with the Bionic treatment head.

You can connect up to two Bionic 880s to a BIONIC TRANSDUCER.

P.S. The required high quality test nosodes you can order directly from us by fax. Please, request a price list by fax. Fax +49(0)2663/9190229