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A group of american patient who have been for treatment in Germany have visited several clinics and they gave us the recommendation for following clinics. The below list will be extendet time by time.

Because the time for staying in Germany for your treatment is limited. Therefore we recommend to you to speak with your therapist for a treatment program after you will return home to continue your treatment. Your therapist will be pleased to recommend the necessary medication for the next 3-6 monthes and you will take home the nosodes which have you used while your treatment to successfully continue your treatment at home.

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... Pain therapy is one of the main focuses of my practice. Many of my patients, who responded to acupuncture only, were successfully treated with the Acu-Light-Beam-4000. I achieved successful results in cases of chronic, recurrent lumbar spine pain and achillodynia with 6 treatments (so far resistant to therapy). A patient with acute lumbago was free of discomfort after 2 applications. Skin changes of a 31 year old female patient, caused by burns after cryogenic application, with strong pigmentation in the area of both breasts improved significantly after 12 treatments. The skin areas are improving with each treatment, which is to be continued. A superficial ulcer, resistant to therapy, on the right foot of a 67 years old female patient was healed after 12 treatments. 
The equipment is uncomplicated and works with excellent results with many indications. During the short time of use in my practice, I could only test a part of its full potential. 
Martina Hentschel, Doctor for General Medicine (GER)

A 62 years old patient has been suffering from bilateral tinnitus for several years. I submitted the patient to a combination of therapy-treatments with the Acu-Light-Beam and extensive ozone autohaemotherapy. 10 treatments with the Acu-Light-Beam and 20 ozone autohaemotherapies were performed. The patient reports 65% of success.
Dr. Spermezan, Bad Zwischenahn (GER) 

A Patient, 86 years old, with diagnosed acute herpes zoster and the following basic disorders: polymyalgia rheumatica with strong gonarthrosis. Worse after operation due to colon CA. Acute herpes zoster below the right mammilla, dispersed in segments, for the time being with strongly itching reddish pustules, some of them filled. After the first treatment with the Acu-Light-Beam 4000 (applied 2 x 300 sec. over the area), the herpes zoster faded and the vesicles dried slightly. The patient had no pain and the itching improved. After the second treatment, the zoster was dry and faded with neither itching nor pain, and no more inflammation symptoms were observed. There was a surprising progress after two successive local therapies: a rapid healing of the very painful skin changes could be observed. After one week, the zoster was completely healed without irritation. 

A female patient, 72 years old, with chronic venous insufficiency with varicose ulcer, presented symptoms after streptococcus G sepsis with entry gate at the open ulcerous area and subsequent abscess removal. The result was a 1 cm deep, 2 cm wide wound in the lower right leg. Therapy with photon-therapy equipment, twice a week over 8 weeks, with intensity of 2 x 300 sec. Adjuvant therapy: Varihesive bandage (improving granulation), initial rinsing with Ringer’s solution to clean the wound. After 3 months of inpatient treatment, Mrs. E.K. was checked out with an open ulcer. The success of the granulation adjuvant and wound closure can be clearly attributed to the additional therapy with the photon-therapy equipment. 

A 17 years old patient with symptoms after open fracture on the right tibia (after ski accident in January 1999), with the insertion of two nails (crosswise to stabilize for home transport) through the tibia. In each of those two spots there was development of abscesses, which had to be submitted to incision and systemically covered with antibiotic therapy. End of July, the patient came to my practice, since both locations were still open and, once more, purulent. In addition to that, a brown-coloured induration similar to a varicose ulcer had developed. One spot was lifted, similar to a blister and had a great amount of lymphatic liquid. Therapy: 2 units of photon-therapy at 300 sec. 1x / day locally over the wound. Adjuvant therapy: locally, Braunovidon salve dressing, systemic Wobenzym 3 x 4 tablets. Result: After 6 treatments with the photon-therapy equipment, both open wounds are closed and healed, without any irritation. For the first time since 1999, the lesions are completely closed and without irritation. 
Dr. med. Beate Gümbel, Rödermark (GER)

A 4 year old girl has been suffering for 6 months with a weeping, itching, therapy-resistant eczema on the inner side of her left lower arm and on her neck. Medical therapy was cortisone salve. My treatment began with an intestinal rehabilitation, followed by a 14-day therapy with the ACU-LIGHT-BEAM every other day. During the first three sessions, not only the affected skin areas, but also both external ears, as well as the inner sides of both wrists and the area below the occipital bone, were treated. Already after the first three sessions, a noticeable fading of the inflamed skin areas was recognized. After 14 days, the little patient presented no more discomfort, and the eczematous skin areas were cleanly healed. 

…I am very satisfied with your ACU-LIGHT-BEAM-4000. In my practice, we are experiencing great success in acute cases. Here is one example: Female patient, 62 years old, with allergic skin rash triggered due to intense family conflicts. The rash spread over the whole body, was pustulous and itched intensely. As immediate measure, the patient was treated with the ACU-LIGHT-BEAM- 4000 in the 5 usual points. We did not prescribe medications. On the following day, we could verify that the rash was disappearing from upside down. The upper part of the face was already clear, but the itching was still intolerable. A new treatment on the following day showed considerable improvement. After a total of 5 treatments, the rash had totally disappeared, with only a slight itching still present. After another week, the itching had also disappeared and the patient was happy and content again. Similar success was achieved in other skin problems, such as neurodermatitis, in particular, if vegetative components were involved. 
Lothar Ursinus, healer / alternative practitioner, Hamburg (GER)

I have been using the ACU-LIGHT-BEAM-4000 for the treatment of a variety of indications since October 1997. This therapy replaces my applications of acupuncture, stimulating-current therapy, as well as bio-resonance therapy during the treatment of acute as well as chronic clinical pictures. I am achieving excellent results treating depression, migraines and neurodermatitis, as well as acute allergic diseases like allergic rhinitis and asthma, as initial treatment, in order to continue with other therapies. Hyperactive children get calmer after only one treatment. For example, a 4 year old patient with allergic asthma, hyperactive and aggressive, fell asleep during the initial treatment and became more quiet and cooperative from one treatment to the next. At the present, the boy behaves much more gently and quietly. In smoker de-addiction, I have achieved a success rate of 85% with 4 to 6 treatments. For the treatment of depression, adjuvant therapy of thymus and liver with the photon equipment proved to be beneficial. According to my present experience, I can state that the ACU- LIGHT-BEAM 4000 is my most universal and most efficient therapy equipment. 
Jörg Hentschel, healer / alternative practitioner, Hilden (GER)

A 56 years old, female patient came to my practice 8 weeks after CA operation of left mamma and 7 chemotherapy sessions. The breast was saved, but the patient was suffering from intolerable pain in the thorax/spine region, the scars were inflamed and reddened. Intense swelling at the left breast side extended to the spine. The transecting of lymphatic and nerve tracts caused a lymph oedema. The wound and scar pains were nearly intolerable. She took Voltaren daily. I initiated the therapy with the ACU-LIGHT-4000. After the basic program, I treated about 8 to 10 different wound and scar areas for 10 minutes each. Altogether, the patient received 12 successive treatments on a daily basis. After the third treatment, the patient was able to dispense with Voltaren, since she clearly had less pain. Her general conditions were more stable and she was in a positive mood. The lymph oedema disappeared completely during the treatment. After the eighth treatment, the scars faded, the reddening and swelling were gone… I discharged the patient on the twelfth day, since she was feeling very well and hardly felt pain. I gained additional experience with patients suffering from epicondylitis humeri (radialis and ulnaris). Treatment was ended after 5 days in order to wait and see if the absence of pain would be maintained. The treatment took about 1 to 1,5 hours each.
Patricia Beatrice Behrends, healer / alternative practitioner, Düsseldorf- Haan (GER)

Female patient, 32 years old, wanting to have children for 5 years. The patient is very nervous and suffers from serious sleep disorders. Her gynaecologist diagnosed an endometriosis and performed 6 inseminations, all of them without success. It was accompanied by hormone stimulation with FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) as adjuvant treatment. A classical acupuncture therapy (during several months) ran without success.
In March 1999, we started the cluster medicine and, on June 28, of the same year, we began the bio-photon-therapy. Five basic areas were treated: thyroid (scar), skullcap, both ovaries and uterus. From June 26 on, the thymus was also treated. During the first weeks, 3 treatments were performed. After that, 2 treatments per week for several weeks, followed by 1 treatment per week. On August 19, 1999, the patient learned that she was being pregnant since July. After the therapy, the patient feels fine, relaxed and sleeps very well. The bio-photon-therapy was for us the triggering event, which made this pregnancy possible. 

Patient, 50 years old, with chronic intervertebral disc pain as result of a 9-point pelvic fracture in his childhood. After the first treatment with the Bionic 880, the pain level was clearly reduced. After the second treatment, he was able to leave his bed without help. After 3 treatments, the patient took part in a bicycle trip, against my recommendation. I am using the bio-photon equipment as blockage remover before each allergy elimination with pyramid energy. By the basic bio-photon therapy, blockages are removed and I am able to eliminate allergies. 

A young girl with excruciating menstruation pain (she often had to stay in bed for a few days suffering from great pain). Specific organic reasons were excluded by her gynaecologist. After 5 treatments, the menstruation pain only lasted for two hours. 5 basic areas were treated: both ovaries, uterus, liver and thymus. Ovaries and uterus treatment for 10 minutes, and the other areas for 5 minutes. 
Martha Thiermann, healer / alternative practitioner, Vienna (A)

…“Healing by light – what nonsense! I can enjoy sunlight as well!” was what I thought despite of tremendous pain at my lower back after a treatment of 20 injections. The pain radiated over the hip way down the whole leg. We already thought about an operation of the hip joint… After the eighth treatment with light I was able to sit on a chair normally. Now, after twelve treatments, I can say “Hello doctor, I am free of pain!” This is what I thank you for.
H., K., patient, Frechen (GER)

Dear Mr. Buschkühl, I was tormented for years by a very painful arthrosis in the left middle finger. The finger was severely swollen and almost not movable. No physician could help me. 
I heard about your light-therapy, which was unexpectedly extremely helpful in the treatment of many painful illnesses, so I decided to try this therapy. The result is more than astounding. After only 8 treatments, I only felt some pain in the outer area of the finger. After 12 treatments, the pain in the joint subsided noticeably, and the swelling decreased. After 20 treatments, I was almost pain-free and the swelling had disappeared. I am very grateful that I could get help with this therapy method… 
Günter Weidemann, patient, Düsseldorf (GER)

Female patient, 62 years old, with breast cancer operation, entered my treatment with a skin necrosis after a fall. The clinical examination indicated the following injuries: 2 necrotic ulcers, as well as numerous small active ulcers (phyctaena), which were oozing in the inner area of the furrow below the breast. Additionally, the breast is deformed and stretched back by a sclerosis. The symmetry of her right breast is lost. Her skin presents oedema, is thin and scaly. In the functional range, low mobility and reduced tactile sensation were diagnosed, associated with pain, which could not be remedied through analgesics. 
The effect of the ACU-LIGHT-BEAM on the pain was immediate. From the first day after her first session, the patient stopped all pain-reducing treatments and this relief effect persisted. We also observed an equally spectacular effect on the insomnia, which contributed to the disappearance of the depression syndrome. After the fourth session, clothing and activities became normal again. The healing developed progressively; the patient received 15 treatments over a period of 9 months. The positive effect is beyond controversy.
Dr. François Declerck, Gynaecologist, Lille (F)

I have been working for 7 years with the Bionic 880 equipment. The main focus of my therapy is Lyme disease (borreliosis), for which a certain standard was established in my practice. Until now, I have successfully treated 500 patients with Lyme disease. The success rate has been about 96%.
With the bio-photon-therapy, we could achieve substantial improvement in cases of Neo-Lyme disease. The therapy of patients who had previously been treated with antibiotics for an extended time does last somewhat longer. Even in these cases, we could eliminate the discomfort in over 90% of the patients. 

…. there is a short statement of my patient Mrs. M. D attached: After corresponding tests, I initiated the bio-photon-therapy and achieved a complete freedom from pain caused by osseous metastasis. Even on the X-ray/CT, only minor growth of the metastasis could be detected. By the bio-photon therapy, the quality of life of Mrs. M. D. (she will be 81 years old soon) was fully restored. From May 07 to 18, 2000, hospital due to mamma ablation. Other hospitalizations until July 7, 2003. Since November 2003, intolerable pain in the sternum after a fall. On January 27, 2004 a metastasis was found in the upper section of the corpus sterni, and another small metastasis was found below the left acromioclavicular joint. On February 3, 2004 inpatient stay in Bad Bergzabern without success. On February 17, 2004, beginning of pain treatment with bio-photon-therapy by Dr. Woitzel, among others. 
She says “I feel no pain since April 2004, without pain-killing medication, due to application of the bio-photon therapy.” M. D., patient. 
Dr. Ingo Woitzel, Pforzheim (GER)

A 23 years old patient of the red-light district arrived in my practice on December 10, 2002. He was guided by his mother, since he seemed disorientated. His mother revealed her son’s excessive abuse of alcohol and the occasional use of so-called "soft" drugs. December 10, 2002: patient M.L. in pre-delirium stage, greyish pale, sweaty, with typical, very strong trembling, hardly responsive. Laboratory findings were gamma-GT and elevated transaminase. The patient was treated with the Bionic 880 equipment every day until Christmas, except of Sundays (Frequency 1 + 4). As adjuvant, a so-called liver protection and general strengthening therapy was implemented. The Bionic 880 therapy was continued between Christmas and New Year. At the end of the year, the patient looked excellent, consumed neither alcohol nor drugs. After New Year, I treated the patient until January 8, 2003. The patient was hardly recognizable. After this, I did not meet the patient again…In the meantime, the parents have left the red-light district. Consequently, the “temptations” for the son are reduced… 
Dr. C. Strenge, Aurich (GER)

Female patient, 47 years old, arrived on June 2002 at my practice. She reported pain in the knee, which had she experienced since 1998. Various therapies, like, e. g., injections with hyaluronic acid preparations, magnetic field therapy, muscle build-up training and neural therapy, accomplished only temporary, insignificant improvement. Mrs. P. had to give up her job in gastronomy. In December 1998, she was submitted to a surgical intervention with the diagnosis: softening of the cartilaginous tissue. After 6 weeks Mrs. P left the health resort clinic on crutches with strong pain containing a 7-hour treatment program. With a homeopathic treatment, her condition improved to the point that she could walk again without crutches. In June 2002, we started the photon-therapy. The patient received the basic treatment with F1/100%, followed by F3/100%, at L5/S1, at the lateral side of both knees and at the popliteal region. Additionally, BN 53 from Müller-Göppingen was injected above the articular space and at acupuncture points. After the first treatment, Mrs. P. felt improvement. The second treatment took place a week later. Subsequent treatments were performed in two-week intervals. Each treatment showed a clear improvement. After 8 treatments, Mrs. P. had no discomfort. Since fall 2002, she has been back to her previous job. Depending on the stress, Mrs. P. comes every 6 to 8 weeks for photon-therapy in order to remain without discomfort. 
Hanne Heintz, healer / alternative practitioner, Munich (GER)


1. Reports may be shortened. 
2. Copies of the complete reports can be asked for.
3. Do several references originate from the same source, the referent is mentioned below the last one. 
4. ACU-LIGHT-BEAM-4000 was the predecendant model of the Bionic 880. 
The Bionic 880 is smaller and lighter. It has one additional frequency. 
The impact of both models is 100% identical. 

Erkrath, January 2008 

Original document “Evaluation of the Bionic 880 by International Institute of Biophysics e.V.”
- you will find the English translation below.



The Bionic-880-Therapy (according to H. Buschkühl) was examined / evaluated by the IIB institute with the help of the regularization diagnosis.
A measurement of 9 patients /probands was accomplished before and after the treatment by this therapy in each case. With 6 patients the second measurement was performed immediately after the first treatment. With 3 patients the effect was documented several days after the treatment.
8 of 9 patients showed a significant change after the treatment. The conclusion can be drawn that the patients were affected actively by the Bionic-880-Therapy. The patient without considerable change needed more than only one session to show a significant improvement.
3 patients showed a positive regularization after the first treatment (in direction of log-normal distribution). 2 patients the condition of regulation appeared rather more chaotic. This is a prevalent primary aggravation, in case the therapy gives a strong impact to the body causing a change of regularization. Here a process related measurement would have been appropriate, which was unfortunately not possible for temporal reasons.
4 patients needed more energy after the first treatment, 1 patient had an increased energy potential, and the other one did not show significant changes of the electrical conductivity at all.
The actual positive effect of the Bionic-880-Beam is to be determined after a treatment of several days. 2 patients show this very clearly, less the third one. Latter was treated with antibiotics at the same time, however.
Having all aspects considered, the treatment with the Bionic-880 has led to a clearly provable and usually very positive influence of the regularization condition of the examined patients / probands.
Delf Schwerda (IIB, Neuss)

Technical data of the equipment

Bionic 880 with cluster sample (applicator)

Frequency, power supply and duration are computer-controlled.
Parameter adjustment with user directions

Control Device:

Dimensions: L 27 cm x W 17 cm x H 8 cm, height with placed radiation head 12,5 cm /

14.17 x 6.73 x 3.35 inches, height with placed radiation head 4.92 inches

Weight: 2.3 kg

Radiation source: 84 (LED) diodes 880 Nm

Wavelength: 880 Nm, pulsed


2.471 cyc./sec., 4.942 cyc./sec., 7.833 cyc./sec., 9.844 cyc./sec., 28 cyc./sec., 80 cyc./sec.

Power density:

approx. 3.000 mW on the surface of the treated fabric and/or. approx. 150 mW/cm2

Further information 

We offer the Bionic 880 to you both for purchase, as well as for leasing.
We inform you gladly about prices and modalities, without obligation. 
Therefore, preferably, make a personal date with your authorized distributor for demonstration of the equipment. 
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